Fiat to Crypto Payment Gateway (API)

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Fully integrable fiat to crypto on- and off-ramp (API or widget).

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What we do

Ever since 2013 we have been operating as an established and well-trusted European cryptocurrency platform. We offer the possibility to integrate our fiat-to-crypto onramp and crypto-to-fiat offramp into third party exchanges and wallet services.


Don't trust, verify

“BTC Direct is the main partner chosen by European users, because it’s specifically tailored to users with euro bank accounts. It’s the simplicity offered by BTC Direct’s varied payment offerings that makes us especially happy to announce this partnership.”
“We are delighted to announce that KuCoin has partnered with BTC Direct to enable new and current KuCoin users to purchase crypto using their credit and debit cards.”
“We are happy to form a partnership with BTC Direct to provide European users with a faster, easier and safer purchase experience, using local payment methods.”

Tailored for the European market

We are able to offer all kinds of local payment methods that are being used in geo specific parts of Europe very often, as well as traditional methods such as bank transfer or credit card.

Our API is the only fiat onramp and offramp offering such payment methods as well as the only service offering multilingual UX and customer support.

Therefore it is safe to say that this is the most comprehensive fiat gateway for the entire European region.


Both user experience and integrated support are fully native. 



Multiple coins

Buying and selling coins instantly: a first purchase will only take up to 2 minutes. 

Bitcoin Cash 
More coins will follow soon.


We are fully compliant to the European legislation. This includes all “Know Your Customer” and “Anti Money Laundering” requirements, so you can focus on your core business.

Let the code do the talking

Want to check out our API? Go ahead and take a look at the documentation. This is interactive, so you can also test various API endpoints. If you prefer a live demo of the internal sandbox, let us know.

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