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Business Development

Over the past 7 years we have specialized in the European region, which means we currently cover all SEPA member countries.

Because of this focus and experience, we can safely say that we offer the number one fiat gateway for the entire European crypto market.

Yes! It’s possible to buy and sell crypto.

BTC Direct pays out monthly. There is no minimum (or maximum) payout amount.

We deliver out of stock and broadcast transactions on the blockchain network within minutes after the purchase.

Depending on the required number of confirmations coins would be available near instantly to your end users.

  • The minimum amount is 30 EUR, per order.
  • The maximum amount is 10,000 EUR, per day.

Of course, we are willing to white label our solution as much as legally possible. This means you are free to customize the flow to your own color palette, brand font and logo where legally applicable.

In the entire region that we serve it is required to have a KYC policy. Your users only have to go through our KYC process one single time.

We have a 10 minute SLA on the onboarding process so your users are ready to buy within just a few moments.

Once that happens, any repeated buy and sell order from your application will be instant, without going through KYC, and—thanks to our xPub connection to your wallet—even without signing in.

We work with Sumsub for our KYC checks.

By integrating with them, we have a fully automated onboarding process with a 10-minute SLA and a 75% success rate in onboarding new users.

Refunds or chargebacks cannot be requested by users, only BTC Direct can decide whether to issue a refund.

Therefore a transaction will take no longer than a maximum of 10 minutes for altcoins and 15 minutes for bitcoin.

A refund may be issued by BTC Direct up to the point the crypto was sent. This occurs, for example, when we have determined that the transaction is related to fraud or when a transaction conflicts with our Terms of Service.

An example of such a conflict is a payment from a bank account that is not registered with the user.

Refunds are made through our payment service provider (PSP), and usually take about one or two business days.

Since as an API partner you don’t have to handle any transactions, you also don’t have to worry about anything related to refunds.

Software Development

There are two ways of implementing our API.

  1. The difference is based upon what kind of unique identifier is being used to identify the users.
  2. This can be xPub based or user-credentials via oAUTH based.

We don’t have a geoblocking rule.

However, users will only be able to onboard via our API when they have an identity document that is accepted in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

Since it concerns a restful API, we haven’t enabled CORS.

We can give your development team a demo through our internal sandbox.

Customer Service

We offer a 7 days a week, multilingual customer support.

Your users can always contact our customer support when it comes to questions related to our services (fiat-on- and offramp).

We provide multilingual customer support 7 days a week for the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch.

Additional languages will follow in the near future.